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#Review & #QandA with Miranda Dickinson @wurdsmyth #ChristmasInStIves #TeamSparkly

I'm delighted to be sharing my review of Christmas in St Ives by Miranda Dickinson. Thank you to the publisher for my ARC. 

Miranda also kindly took part in a little Q&A too. 

First of all let's take a look at the description for the book...

Heartbroken Cerrie Austin is doing her best to hold it together in the run up to Christmas. Not easy when her cheating ex works in the same school and everyone’s eyes are on her. The last thing she needs is a new teacher meddling in her beloved nativity play, even if he is charming, handsome and a talented musician. The Christmas performance is her pride and joy, and she won’t be undermined.
Seren McArthur has recently returned to her Cornish hometown and is enjoying being close to her family and her oldest friends again. St Ives is at its most magical at Christmas, with fairy lights and tinsel in every shop window, tempting locals and holidaymakers alike as they pick up gifts. But an exciting opportunity is just around the corner: will she stay or will she go?
Meanwhile, the St Ives Christmas celebrations are in crisis: plans for a giant lantern parade through the starlit streets have ground to a halt. As the snow starts to fall, can Cerrie, Seren and their friends Kieran and Aggie rally around in time to save the big day?

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Q&A with Miranda Dickinson

Before we start I just want to say a big thank you for taking part in the Q&A. 

So let's go…

1 – What three words best describe your personality?

Fun, sparkly, friendly

2 - Is there a book you wish you could have written?

Oh, so many! I wish I could have written The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen because it’s so creative and joyfully out-of-the-box. I’m inspired by authors who refuse to be boxed and write from the heart.

3 – What was the last book you read?

Dark Pines by Will Dean. It’s a fantastically creepy, claustrophobic thriller set in Sweden with a brilliant protagonist.

4 – If you were stranded on a desert island what three books would you want with you?

Only three?! Okay…
Pride & Prejudice – because it’s a classic and I re-read it every year.
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell – because I love it and it’s HUGE, so would keep me occupied for weeks.
The Truth by Sir Terry Pratchett – because I love his crazy words and wouldn’t feel alone with them around.

5 - Do you have any strange writing habits?

I write best really late at night, so I often do my best work between 2am and 4am (watching very strange TV programmes that are on at that time), even though in the morning I can rarely remember what I’ve written so am surprised when I read it back! Other than that, I always have to have a blanket over my knees when I’m writing at home, a different scented candle for each new book I write and music with me wherever I write. I make a playlist for each new book I write and listen to it on repeat through all the stages of writing, from first draft to line edit, copyedit to the final read-through of the page proofs.

6 – Is there a specific place where you write?

I write in local café’s and coffee shops on weekday mornings while my daughter Flo is at nursery, then sneak bits through the day on Post-Its if Flo naps or while she plays, then on my sofa at night when she’s in bed. I finally have a tiny office where I write when my husband Bob is looking after Flo, so that tends to be on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

7 – Do you share any personality traits with the characters you have created?

Oh, probably loads! I think it’s true that you write yourself into your book characters, both the main characters and supporting cast. I think I’m a bit of a magpie, so I steal bits of my personality and those of my friends and family to put in the books. I suppose I’m most like Rosie Duncan from my first book, Fairytale of New York and also I’ll Take New York, purely because she was the first main character I wrote so has the most of my personality traits. I’m a wedding singer like Romily Parker in It Started With a Kiss and her band, The Pinstripes, are based on my band, The Peppermints, so I wrote all my friends into that novel. (Also Uncle Dudley and Auntie Mags are my lovely Dad-in-law and Mum-in-law, so I put everyone I love into that book!)

8 - Can you choose three words to describe your new book Christmas in St Ives?

Romantic, festive, warm

9 – Are you working on anything now?

I’m thinking about what book I’d like to write next. With my next full-length novel, Somewhere Beyond the Sea, not coming out until 14th June next year, I have a bit of time to dream up new ideas, which makes a nice change for me. I have several writing projects on the go, including a couple in different genres, so I’m enjoying just writing without a deadline for the time being.

Quick fire questions - Which do you prefer?

Paperback or eBook?

Always paperback. Just because I can hug it (hugging a Kindle isn’t the same) and chuck it in my bag without wondering if it’s charged or not. I like eBooks for travelling, but my heart belongs to paper and ink!

Classic novel or Contemporary?

Both. I’m trying to read some classics in between the contemporary so at the moment I’m reading The Tennant of Wildfell Hall in between the thrillers and rom-coms!

Cinema or Theatre?

That’s a tough choice! I adore the theatre (I studied Drama at university and wanted to be an actor) but I can get to the cinema more often, so probably cinema for now.

Crisps or Chocolate?


Tea or Coffee?

It varies! Coffee in the day, decaf tea at night.

Night out or Day out?

Having a three-year-old means days out are more fun at the moment!

Thank you again to Miranda for taking the time to answer the Q&A xx


First of all I have to mention the lovely cover because if the cover doesn't get you into the festive spirit then the story certainly will. I loved this bunch of characters especially Cerrie who when we meet her has to unfortunately still work with her ex. You can feel how uncomfortable she is and my heart did go out to her especially facing the scrutiny from her colleagues even if they mean well. 

The writing is as ever warm and witty which is to be expected from Miranda Dickinson. Even though it is a novella I still felt that connection to the characters and in no time at all felt as if I was on my way to getting to know them. As well as my interest well and truly peaked for reading Somewhere Beyond the Sea. I really appreciated hearing the story from the different perspectives making the story even more rounded. Christmas in St Ives didn't feel rushed at all giving me chance to experience the story at a lovely pace but also involving the reader in this set of characters lives. There are some laughs along the way especially to do with the nativity play. Christmas in St Ives has a gorgeous heart warming feel to it, making it a perfect festive read!

Five stars from me!

With thanks to Pan Macmillan and Miranda Dickinson for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

Heart of Stone by John Jackson @jjackson42 #PromoPost #BlogTour @BrookCottagebks

Thank you for joining me today I would have loved to review Heart of Stone by John Jackson but at the moment I'm completely snowed under a huge TBR pile so instead I'm delighted to be sharing a promo post. Lets take a look at the description for the book...

Genre: Historic Fiction
Release Date: 24th October 2017
Publisher: Crooked Cat Books

Dublin, 1730

When young and beautiful Mary Molesworth is forced to marry Robert Rochford, widowed heir to the earldom of Belfield, she finds that her idea of love is not returned. Jealous, cruel and manipulative, Robert ignores her after she has provided him with a male heir, preferring to spend his nights with his mistress. Power-hungry, Robert builds up a reputation that sees him reach for the highest positions in Ireland.

Caught in an unhappy marriage, Mary begins to grow closer to Robert’s younger brother, Arthur. Acknowledging their love for each other, they will risk everything to be together. But Robert’s revenge threatens their lives and tears them apart.

Will Mary and Arthur find a way to escape Robert’s clutches?

Based on real events, Heart of Stone is a tale of power, jealousy, imprisonment, and love, set in 1740s Ireland.


Following a lifetime at sea, John Jackson has now retired and lives in York and has now turned his hand to writing fiction.

An avid genealogist, he found a rich vein of ancestors. They included Irish peers, country parsons, and army and navy officers. They opened up Canada and Australia and fought at Waterloo.
John is a keen member of the Romantic Novelists Association and graduated through their New Writers Scheme. He is also a member of the Historic Novel Society and an enthusiastic conference-goer for both.

He describes himself as being "Brought up on Georgette Heyer from an early age, and, like many of my age devoured R L Stevenson, Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe and the like."

His modern favorite authors include Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow, Lindsey Davis, Liz Fenwick and Kate Mosse.

Author Links

Twitter: @jjackson42
Goodreads Author Page:

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How Not to be a Bride by Portia MacIntosh #BlogTour #Review @PortiaMacIntosh @LoveReadRomance

how not to be a bride tour banner.png

How Not to be a Bride
by Portia MacIntosh
Released: October 17, 2017
Harper Collins

‘Delightfully romantic, light-hearted and charmingly entertaining.’ What’s Better Than Books?
Definitely, maybe…yes?
Mia Valentina gave up her high-flying life in LA to move back to Kent over four years ago. But it turns out that life in the slow lane isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!
So when her boyfriend Leo proposes, she says yes, hoping it will bring some much needed sparkle back into her life. The trouble is, Mia never wanted a big white wedding, just the happy ever after…
The laugh-out-loud, uplifting new book from Portia MacIntosh, author of It’s Not You, It’s Them. Perfect for fans of Rosie Blake and Sophie Kinsella.

Book Links:  

If you have ever read a Portia MacIntosh book you know that you will get down to earth characters who feel like you could genuinely know. Along with a story that will completely wrap you up in the storyline all the way to the end. How Not to be A Bride is exactly that and it felt so easy to be pulled into Mia's life along with the ups and downs that she experiences along the way. It was really refreshing to meet a character who wasn't obsessed with weddings or even remotely hoping for an engagement ring from her boyfriend. I guess in a way it made Mia stand out just that little bit more.

The story is written in a way where I couldn't help but laugh and smile along at some of the situations. I could understand Mia's reluctance of having the dream big wedding I never wanted that for myself. I hate being the centre of attention so to have so many eyes on me would be my worst nightmare. The fact that Mia and Leo are an established couple really made this story extra special for me it was almost a story of what happens after the happy ending. When real life and other issues crop up making it feel so realistic in that sense. A special mention has to go to Mia's granddad I loved how he was always on Mia's side and just loved her for who she is.

A heart warming story that will leave you smiling away to yourself long after you have put the book down!

With thanks to Love Reading Romance and Portia MacIntosh for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion. 


Chapter One

I don’t know what hits me first: the smell of meatballs or the fist of an impatient child who, having clearly spent too much time in Ikea, is flailing around like a maniac in the hope his embarrassed parents will get a move on and take him to Toys R Us. I wonder, only for a second, whether adopting a similar tactic might work on my boyfriend, except I’ve probably done much worse to embarrass him in the past.
Trips to Ikea are a regular event for us since we bought our house – partly because we just spent most of our money buying a house and this is now our number-one social activity, but mostly because said house is what you’d euphemistically call a ‘fixer upper’. What I call it is a building site, but it was cheap, and my boyfriend, Leo, loves doing DIY, so it’s perfect for him. To be perfectly honest, I’d go as far as to say he loves Ikea too. Why else would we be here, dashing in through the exit door (something that is highly frowned upon, but is undoubtedly the most efficient way to work the place), the day before we’re set to go on holiday? Like, I don’t know what it is, but something about flat pack furniture just makes him come alive – get yourself a man who looks at you the way my boyfriend looks at the instructions for an Ikea coffee table.
‘OK, let’s split up to save some time,’ Leo suggests. I pull a face, because even I know you never leave a man behind in Ikea, especially when you’re going against the tide. Ikea is a signal dead zone so, if we separate, it will be hard to find each other. ‘I’ll get most of the things we need, all you need to do is grab a trolley and get a white SÄVEDAL door, 60x40.’
I feel my face contort with pure confusion.
‘SÄVEDAL,’ he repeats himself. ‘Make a note in your phone.’
‘Leo, I’m not an idiot. That… word you just said… 40x60.’
60x40, Mia,’ he corrects me. ‘Just grab one of the little pencils and write it down.’
‘Yeah, fine, go, go,’ I babble.
I watch Leo disappear into the crowd before turning my attention to the task at hand. I need a seve… seve… dal? I’ll just use one of the little computers dotted around to tell me where they are.
As I walk past the showrooms, I feel like I’m walking down the street, peeping in people’s living-room windows. Couples are sitting on the sofas, chatting like they would in the comfort of their own homes, as they deliberate which lamp to buy. There’s even a couple arguing in one of the dummy rooms, who both shoot me a filthy look for looking inside – the very thing the fake room is here for. In one of the dummy kitchens there’s a kid sitting under a worktop, visibly contemplating whether or not to take a bite out of a plastic apple, like a less bright Sir Isaac Newton. He decides it’s a good idea and raises it to his mouth, but his dad stops him just in time, scooping him up and planting him on his shoulders, six feet in the air where he can’t get in too much trouble.
I patiently wait my turn to use the computer, because Ikea is expert-level busy today. I mean, it’s always busy, but today it is bank holiday busy, and everyone and their spouse and 2.5 kids are here to get their hands on furniture and pieces of Daim cake. The only problem is, by the time my turn comes around, I’ve completely forgotten what I’m looking for. I type S E V, hoping it will suggest something. He said it was a door, right? And we’re shopping for things to build the kitchen. There’s no way he’d send me for an actual door, so it must be for a cupboard or something.
I glance behind me, only to see the queue growing longer, and increasingly more impatient. I try again, typing S A V, but I’m still not getting any hits. Defeated, I give up and try to find a yellow-and-blue-striped employee to help me out.
‘Excuse me,’ I say to a man sitting at a computer. ‘I wonder if you can help me? I’m after a door, for a kitchen, I think.’
‘Sure, what’s the product name?’ he replies helpfully.
‘Sev… sav… something, I don’t know, sorry,’ I reply apologetically.
A few punches of the keyboard and a quick look through their products and the employee knows exactly what I’m after.
‘Yes,’ I reply, a little too excitedly. ‘I need a white one, please.’
‘What size?’ he asks.
Shit. Leo was right, I should have written this down.
‘Erm… So, I think it’s 60x40 or 40x60. So, whichever one of those is a real size.’
‘We actually do both of those sizes, miss,’ the employee points out.
Double shit.
Come on, Mia. You’ve got this. Just think about what numbers he said – he even said them twice.
‘40x60?’ I tell him, although it sounds more like a question than an answer.
‘Are you sure?’ he laughs.
‘Positive,’ I reply.
With an unconvinced laugh, he tells me where to find what I need and, as I walk there, I can’t help but think about how much my life has changed since I moved back to the UK. If you’d told me four years ago, when I was living in the Hollywood Hills, hanging out with movie stars, and playing the dating game to the best of my ability, that I’d be living in Canterbury, in a house that needs a lot of work, spending my days procrastinating and my nights watching Netflix, I would have laughed in your face – and probably threatened to do something drastic to save myself from such a life. Don’t get me wrong. I love Leo so much, and I’m so lucky to have him, but my life has changed so much and I’m really starting to feel it. My day-to-day life has changed, my hobbies have changed – even my looks have changed, which I can’t help but notice, standing here in front of this full-length ISFJORDEN mirror. Gone are the days I’d spend hours at the gym, eating clean and tanning regularly to maintain my toned, LA body, and since I stopped dropping triple digits on my long, blonde locks at a swanky salon, instead going to a cheaper, local place, I’ve had what’s known in the trade as a chemical cut, which basically means they’ve been using such strong peroxide on my hair that it has broken off, leaving me with much shorter locks. As superficial as it sounds, I took such confidence from these things, and now I feel kind of unremarkable by comparison. I don’t look bad, I just don’t look like me.
Finally through the checkout, I spy Leo standing over by the door, finishing up a hotdog. It took me all this time to find one item and here he is, his trolley piled high with things, finishing up his dinner. This is further proof that he’s some kind of Ikea wizard. He just seems to know how to manipulate the place, to bend it to his will, whether he’s modifying furniture or taking the little shortcuts he knows to get from sofas to plates in a matter of minutes.
‘There you are,’ he says as I approach him. ‘I was just about to come looking for you – I half expected to find you curled up in a bed somewhere.’
‘What would you have done then?’ I ask, adopting a more flirtatious tone.
‘Probably napped with you,’ he replies. ‘Maybe.’
I see that little glimmer in his eye that I love so much.
I laugh to myself. Sex in an Ikea bed, in Ikea, is probably Leo’s number-one fantasy. It would probably make his day to find me in one of the fake bedrooms, whispering sweet Swedish nothings into his ear before some post-coital meatballs.
‘OK, we need to go if you’re going to get to Boots before they close,’ Leo says with a clap of his hands.
I absolutely need to get to Boots before they close. It might feel like it’s been a really long time since we had sex, but there’s no time for flirting if I’m going to get the things I need for my trip tomorrow. Plus, we’re not going to have sex in Ikea, are we? Our naughty days are a thing of the past. Well, when you’ve been together for four years you don’t really do wild any more, do you?
‘Here, I got you one,’ Leo says, handing me a hotdog.
‘I’m OK, thanks,’ I reply. ‘I need to watch what I eat.’
‘No, you don’t. You’re as sexy as the day I met you,’ he insists sincerely.
I smile.
‘I’m not really hungry,’ I reply, giving his arm a squeeze.
Leo shrugs his shoulders before eating it himself.
I know it’s easy to put on a little weight when you’re comfortable in a relationship, but my super-sexy boyfriend is just as hot as the day we first met. I suppose being a fireman helps with that. He has to keep fit, and the uniform still lights a fire in my downstairs. I, on the other hand, work from home, so I’m not as active as I used to be. I’m a healthy-ish weight; I’m just nowhere near as toned as I used to be.
Finally at our car, Leo begins loading things into the boot as I plonk myself down in the passenger seat, exhaling deeply, relieved to have survived another trip to Ikea.
‘Erm, Mia,’ Leo calls from behind me.
‘You’ve got the wrong size,’ he tells me.
I massage my temples.
‘Can’t you make it work?’
‘I mean, it would be better to just have the right one. Shall I run back in?’
‘Leo, I need to get to Boots,’ I tell him.
‘I know, I know,’ he calls back. ‘I just really wanted to do some work on the kitchen today. Aren’t you sick of eating microwave food and takeaways?’
‘Well, yeah, but we’re going away tomorrow,’ I reply.
‘To Cornwall,’ he reminds me. ‘Where they have plenty of Boots… I’ll make sure we stop at one on the way to the beach house and you can even give me a list of what you want and I’ll get it… and I’ll buy you some Daim chocolate.’
‘OK, fine, go,’ I tell him. ‘I’ll stay here.’
Leo gives me a kiss on the cheek before dashing off back inside, leaving me sitting in the car. I know he just wants to get the house finished so that we can get on with living a happy life in it. I guess I’m just impatient and growing tired of the constant DIY.
Perhaps the kid with the helicopter arms was on to something. That’s why he’s probably in Toys R Us right now getting whatever toy he wants, and I’m still stuck here, in Ikea purgatory, waiting for a kitchen door.

Portia MacIntosh has been 'making stuff up' for as long as she can remember - or so she says. Whether it was blaming her siblings for that broken vase when she was growing up, blagging her way backstage during her rock chick phase or, most recently, whatever justification she can fabricate to explain away those lunchtime cocktails, Portia just loves telling tales. After years working as a music journalist, Portia decided it was time to use her powers for good and started writing novels. Taking inspiration from her experiences on tour with bands, the real struggle of dating in your twenties and just trying to survive as an adult human female generally, Portia writes about what it's really like for women who don't find this life stuff as easy as it seems.

Author Links:

If you want to check out the other stops on the tour you can find them on the following Link:

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The Big Little Festival by Kellie Hailes #WeekendBlitz #Review @KellieHailes

I'm so happy to be taking part in the weekend blitz for The Big Little Festival by Kellie Hailes. Today I will be sharing my review but first of all let's take a look at the description for the book...

Love happens when you least expect it…

Jodi is panicking. It’s only weeks until her little village in Devon holds its first ever festival and everything is falling apart.
Desperate to avoid disaster, she brings in notorious party planner Christian to save the day. Although she wasn’t prepared for just how gorgeous he would be!
Men are off the cards for Jody and surely Christian is the last man she would ever date? But with tensions rising – along with the bunting and home-made scones – she’s about to find out…
Buy Links:

Even though this book is part of a series I found it could be easily read as a standalone. You do get to catch up with characters from the first book but it just added to the overall story. Along with being a lovely touch for readers who had read The Cosy Coffee Shop of Promises.

I loved the first time that Jodi and Christian meet there is tension galore and the sparring between them was lots of fun to see. There were plenty of moments where this story had me smiling away. Jodi is likeable and very determined to make the festival a success and at first Christian is a bit of a mystery but as time goes on more of his personality is revealed. The question is can Christian and Jodi work together?

There is a lovely warmth to Kellie Hailes writing that easily draws you in plus some laughs along the way making it very easy to find yourself immersed in the story. The Big Little Festival has that lovely community feeling to it and I loved how everyone rallies together.

I read this book in an evening after grabbing a hot chocolate and in no time at all I had finished. If you need to unwind I can definitely recommend The Big Little Festival and I'm already looking forward to re-visiting Rabbits Leap!

With a gorgeous heart warming vibe that will leave you in a lovely mood!

Four stars from me!

With thanks to Jenny at Neverland Blog Tours for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

At the age of five Kellie Hailes declared she was going write books when she grew up. It took a while for her to get there, with a career as a radio copywriter, freelance copywriter and web writer filling the dream-hole, until now. Kellie lives on an island-that’s-not-really-an-island in New Zealand with her patient husband, funny little human and neurotic cat. When the characters in her head aren’t dictating their story to her, she can be found taking short walks, eating good cheese and hankering for her next coffee fix.

Author Links:

Twitter:  @KellieHailes

The Man Who Died by Antti Tuomainen #Review #BlogTour @OrendaBooks @antti_tuomainen

With thanks to the publisher for my copy.

A successful entrepreneur in the mushroom industry, Jaakko Kaunismaa is a man in his prime. At just 37 years of age, he is shocked when his doctor tells him that he’s dying. What is more, the cause is discovered to be prolonged exposure to toxins; in other words, someone has slowly but surely been poisoning him. Determined to find out who wants him dead, Jaakko embarks on a suspenseful rollercoaster journey full of unusual characters, bizarre situations and unexpected twists. 

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At times this story is pretty surreal but it just works so well and I loved how everything unfolded. Jaakko was someone that drew me right in, from finding out he is dying to deciding to discover the truth behind his poisoning along with who is behind it. I couldn't help but like him he really is a one of a kind character that was so interesting to get to know.

The story moves pretty quickly and held my interest throughout mainly because I felt just as invested in discovering the truth as Jaakko. The Man Who Died is cleverly written and at times darkly funny which I really appreciated. This definitely helped to turn this story into something quite special. There are some surprises along the way that kept me on my toes and I loved to hear Jaakko's inner thoughts as he goes on this very strange journey of discovery. There is also that added bit tension within the story as there is definite a lack of time on Jaakko's side.

The question is will he discover the truth in time?

Dark humour really helps to set this story apart from other thrillers, Antti Tuomainen has created a very engaging lead character in Jaakko. He has a certain matter of fact way of going about his daily life that just kept me turning the pages. There are possible suspects everywhere and I have to admit to suspecting everyone. I will never make a great detective so I just sat back and let myself be carried away on this madcap journey with Jaakko. I was treated to plenty of drama and laughs along the way. With plenty of intriguing twists and turns I highly recommend picking up a copy of The Man Who Died.

Five stars from me!

With thanks to Anne Cater & Orenda Books for my copy and the invite to join the tour. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

Finnish Antti Tuomainen (b. 1971) was an award-winning copywriter when he made his literary debut in 2007 as a suspense author. The critically acclaimed My Brother’s Keeper was published two years later. In 2011 Tuomainen’s third novel, The Healer, was awarded the Clue Award for ‘Best Finnish Crime Novel of 2011’ and was shortlisted for the Glass Key Award. The Finnish press labelled The Healer – the story of a writer desperately searching for his missing wife in a post-apocalyptic Helsinki – ‘unputdownable’. Two years later in 2013 they crowned Tuomainen ‘The King of Helsinki Noir’ when Dark as My Heart was published. The Mine, published in 2016, was an international bestseller. All of his books have been optioned for TV/film. With his piercing and evocative style, Tuomainen is one of the first to challenge the Scandinavian crime genre formula, and The Man Who Died sees him at his literary best.

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Heart Note by Cassandra O'Leary @cass_oleary #CoverReveal @rararesources

Thank you for joining me today for another wonderful cover reveal. I'm delighted to be sharing the fabulous cover for Heart Note by Cassandra O'Leary, so let's take a look...

So what do you think?
Well let's take a look at the description for the book...

Love is like a fine perfume. The top note draws you in, an instant attraction, but the Heart Note is the true essence. Like true love. A great perfume should be a woman’s perfect match.

At least, that’s what Lily Lucas tells the perfume counter customers. Personally, Lily is tired of perfumes with a sickly sweet top note that make her dizzy. She definitely does not want to stick her nose in another scent with a base note of stinky old socks. 

After leaving her home in Sydney, Lily moves to Melbourne and a new job as a perfume counter manager in a major department store. One day she wants to own a Parisian-style perfumerie, but at the moment she’s spritzing perfume on unsuspecting customers and ringing up purchases until she falls off her high heels at the end of a long day. 

The high point of Lily’s work life is Christos Cyriakos, the ex-cop senior security guard, who happens to look like a Greek god. She’d happily stare at him all day, but keeps falling at his feet like a klutz. It’s kind of embarrassing. No other man has ever had this effect on her. He smells so good up close, she gets a little woozy. But in a good way.

Rumours about Christos swirl around the department store staff. There’s a scent of scandal. The reason he quit the police force wasn’t a happy one. But he’s the strong, silent type. A mystery box. Lily hopes she can get close enough to unwrap him. When he asks for her help, it seems like the perfect opportunity to get to know him better…if she can trust him.
It’s almost Christmas and the whole store is bedecked with decorations, and Lily has to gift wrap and sell eleventy billion gift sets assisted by a team of glamorous spritzer chicks. Meanwhile sneaky guys are trying to get into the store room at night and stock is going missing. It could be an inside job. Lily helps Christos setup a sting. They are a team, sort of. But why won’t he confide in her?

She’d like to be kissed by Christos (and more) preferably not while wearing the hideous red velvet onesie and reindeer antlers all the spritzer chicks are supposed to wear. But can they solve a crime, and get it together to go on an actual date before Christmas?

Publication date – 6th November 2017

Book Links

**Winner of the We Heart New Talent contest, HarperCollins UK. Nominated for BEST NEW AUTHOR in the 2016 AusRom Today Reader's Choice Awards for excellence in Australian romance fiction.**

Cassandra O’Leary is a romance and women’s fiction author, communications specialist, avid reader, film and TV fangirl and admirer of pretty, shiny things. 

In 2015, Cassandra won the We Heart New Talent contest run by Avon Books/HarperCollins UK. Her debut romantic comedy novel, Girl on a Plane, was published in July 2016. Cassandra was also a 2015 finalist in the Lone Star writing contest, Northwest Houston Romance Writers of America, and a 2014 finalist in the First Kiss contest, Romance Writers of Australia.

Cassandra is a mother of two gorgeous, high-energy mini ninjas and wife to a spunky superhero. Living in Melbourne, Australia, she’s also travelled the world. If you want to send her to Italy or Spain on any food or wine tasting ‘research’ trips, that would be splendiferous. You’ll find Cassandra online, drinking coffee and possibly buying shoes. Oh, yes. And writing.

 Social Media Links

Twitter – @cass_oleary